Seeking- part 1– “Standing in the Road”


I become more and more convinced that most Christians, including myself at many times, find ourselves unhappy  and unfulfilled in life because once we have accepted salvation and have His Spirit within us we face a great predicament.   We are like a man standing in the middle of the street and he must decide which direction he will go.  Will he go back or will he go forward?  However, we never truly commit to one direction or the other.  We find ourselves constantly wavering back and forth.  Turning to walk forward for a few steps and then looking back.   We dabble in both directions.  The man who has not been re-born does not face this decision.  He simply walks down the road of the self -gratification and sin until he is called out of darkness by the Lord.  He has no awareness of another direction.  He is blind.  In this sense, on might say that life is easier as a non-Christian.  Once we have been saved we  face a dilemma.  His Spirit convicts us anytime we find ourselves gratifying the desires of the flesh so we know we will never be happy going in that direction but yet we are not willing to lay down our own selfish ambitions and desires and truly and fully commit to seeking Him either.  We simply stand there wavering back and forth, never choosing which life we will pursue.  Lukewarm and depressed.   We must choose if we are ever to be happy!

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2 thoughts on “Seeking- part 1– “Standing in the Road”

  1. I agree with this. I would also like to add that when you do decide to fully commit to The Lord, you become a threat, and the devil wants to attack.

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